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Hope came highly recommended to us by a friend, and we could not be happier we worked with her. We first started working on recall and walking manners with our then large puppy, Nala. Nala instantly trusted Hope and listened to every command. Within the first lesson, we had already seen a HUGE improvement. As Nala grew, we learned of some of her quirks that needed training as well. Nala would attack swings (thinking they were hurting my son), she panicked anytime a child jumped into our pool, she ran out the front door as soon as it opened and as she got bigger and heavier we wanted her to jump up into our car. Hope focused on all these issues and was able to correct them all in a very short amount of time.   We have recommended many of our friends to Hope, all with the same results. Highly recommend her for ANY training needed.

- Kylie Pavic

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