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This two weeks board and train is the BEST THING we’ve done for our dog Maple and for our lives with her, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Hope for the two week board and train. Hope is incredibly professional and has done an amazing job with Maple. We chatted over text and she explained the types of training that she would do. When we dropped Maple off, Hope went through exactly how she would train Maple to solve the issues we described. You can feel the passion that Hope puts into her work and her tuned instincts with dogs.

We met Hope at the dog park while she had another puppy for a board and train, and we decided to give it a try because I was so impressed with how well-behaved the other puppy was. We’re so glad that we made this decision because our 8 month old goldendoodle Maple used to be such a stubborn rascal, she was incredibly disobedient with us and developed a lot of bad habits. After the two weeks, we brought her home and she’s a completely different dog. 

We initially wanted to do the board and train with Hope to help with Maple’s resource guarding habits. She would growl if we walked next to her while she was eating and completely snap if we touched her food bowl. Now, we can stand right next to her while she’s eating and pet her with no problems. We can also carefully take away her food bowl without making her feel protective if we really need to. This great improvement makes my family and I feel so much safer around meal time.

Hope was also able to improve so many other aspects of Maple behavior, a lot of which I didn’t even realize were problems until they were fixed. For example, Maple was a terrible walker on leash, she used to pull so hard in whatever direction she wanted, and I thought that this was a normal part of her personality. Walking was exhausting for me because I would need to constantly use strength to hold her back. Now, Maple is very impressive with her walking skills. She stays right by our side and matches our pace, slowing down if we slow down and speeding up if we speed up. As soon as we stop she takes a seat and waits patiently.

Many aspects of Maple’s manners are greatly improved as well including staying calm when people come home, not excitement peeing, crate training, manners with other dogs. Overall, she is a much more calm and well-socialized dog that can take on any challenge thrown at her. Hope has done a great job at customizing the experience and training methods used with Maple to exactly what she needs to learn and be successful.

Hope took the time to provide consistent updates throughout the two weeks while I missed my puppy and let me know about her progress. Beyond all of the changes in Maple’s behavior, one of the most valuable aspects of this board and train is that Hope took the time and effort to educate me as a dog owner about the sort of behavior I need to exhibit with my dog Maple. Hope sat down with us and explained in detail everything that she trained with Maple and how we can continue the success she’s had after Maple returns home. This is the crucial step that I personally needed to understand and provide the environment that Maple needs to learn her rules and boundaries, and be the happiest dog she can be.

I’m now able to enjoy life with my wonderful cuddly lovable amazing cute fluffy dog. Hope has provided Maple and I all the skills and tools we need for a happy and well-behaved dog. Thank you Hope!!

- Rachelle Lee

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