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Hope is in essence a dog whisperer!! Even just with one session, we were able to teach our dog ‘leave it ‘virtually saving us from constantly removing inedible objects from our puppy’s mouth.  Through her awesome board and train program, our dog’s behavioural issues such as jumping, barking, leash pulling and dog and people reactivity were remarkably reduced and manageable. We actually are now enjoying our walks so much and we are so confident how to manage his excitability around other dogs!  We even got him to point of walking past squirrels, rabbits and ducks which is pretty tough for him. Hope even taught our boy to swim!   So we got to enjoy him swimming at the cottage, paddling together on the kayak and paddleboat!   Our dog simply loves Hope. She trained him in the most loving respectful way and he immediately responds to her balanced approach training method.   She is extremely professional and always kept us up to date daily on his progress.  We are so blessed to have Hope in our lives.  As a retired couple, we can now manage and enjoy our wonderfully sweet energetic loveable excitable dog confidently!!!!  Thank you, Hope!  So worth the time and investment in our boy !!! 

- Karen Balko

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