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Board & Train

4 Week Program


The four-week training program is designed for dogs who have separation or stranger anxiety, crating issues, resource guarding, leash reactivity, a fight or bite history and exhibit aggression.


This program is designed to give your dog the confidence they need to remain in a neutral excitement level when in stressful environments or when left alone. During their time I provide safe socialization around dogs and people to teach your pup that there is no threat.


With proper technique, the dog learns that they get the space they want by giving us calm behaviour, by lashing out they don’t get rewarded by leaving the uncomfortable situation. 

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  • proper leash walking skills including loose leash heel

  • sit

  • lie down

  • stay

  • place

  • recall

  • leave it

  • waiting at thresholds

  • mouthing and puppy biting

Included in program

  • follow up session 1-2 weeks after the board and train program is completed

  • counter surfing

  • working around medium to high distractions in all sorts of new environments

  • reactivity and over excitement

  • progress report including all that we worked on and how to continue the progress that your pup made

  • privet 2-hour session at halfway point (2 weeks)

  • 1-hour session at pick up to go over everything the dog worked on and teach the family how to handle and maintain progress

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