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Group Sessions


Join my group session to meet some fellow dog lovers and give your dog the ultimate socialization experience.


Throughout the group session, we include structured exercises each owner-dog duo can practice with the added distraction of other dogs.


The group session is no time for free play but provides the perfect opportunity for you to work on focus and maintaining neutral behaviour around the excitement of other dogs.


While all guests are fellow clients of mine, it guarantees a positive experience for you to encourage proper calm behaviour in your dog.

The class is built and designed to practice “Real Life Dog Training”.


We teach our dogs how to behave around 12+ dogs, in real-life settings, with numerous distractions and obstacles that you actually see on your everyday walks. 

FOR EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY: After having a session with one of our trainers, you are qualified to sign up for a group class. We restrict our classes only to existing private session clients. This ensures everyone is on the same page, and already have a deep understanding of how our training program works.

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