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Dog Trianing & Boarding
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Hope Verra

Dog Training & psychology

Private Sessions

Looking for some extra focus, or perhaps have a unique situation that requires 1 on 1 attention.

Private Sessions

Available at our training facility or in-home.

Popular programs

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Group Sessions

Are you looking for doggy socialization training? 

Look no further.

Group Sessions

Give your dog the opportunity to learn proper manners, in a safe & controlled environment with fellow dog lovers

Board & Train

A fully customized training program tailored to your dog's needs. From training basics to in-depth rehabilitation

2, 4, or 6 week programs 

Board & Train

Giver your dog a schooling experience like no other

About Me


Since I was an infant learning to walk and talk, I've been obsessed with animals.​ My first words were literally "Puppy," and nothing has changed. Growing up around animals made it clear that my purpose is to provide clarity and understanding of our furry friends. Finding a special way to connect and communicate with animals gave me an advantage when working with dogs. I prioritize not only training the dog but also the family members; this is how the results become long-lasting.

Over the years, I gained experience working in all kinds of animal facilities and have found a passion for helping others find peace and harmony with their loving pets. With my knowledge and pure obsession, I have assembled my own natural method of working with dogs to get over small things like house manners all the way to more significant problems like reactivity and aggression. I make training fun and enjoyable for everyone. Let me help you garner a closer connection with your dog. 

"The dog is not giving you a hard time; the dog is having a hard time."

-Hope Verra

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Book a Walk
Hourly Session

Undivided attention for you and your pooch, start your journey as a united pack.

1 Hour

Starting at $100

Board & Train

Get the guidance and consistency needed to conquer the training necessary for a better life with your best friend.

1 - 2 - 4 Weeks

Starting at $1,800

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I am a balanced dog trainer.

This method includes positive and negative reinforcement for wanted and unwanted behaviours. While there is a negative connotation to “negative reinforcement” in dog training, a small correction is necessary to communicate with your dog when they miss behave. I reward the dog when they give me behaviours that I want such as eye contact, impulse control, calmness, patience etc… and correct the dog for the behaviours that I don’t want like jumping up, reactivity, counter surfing etc.


I understand the natural instincts of each breed and acknowledge the importance of proper exercise both mentally and physically each dog requires in order to behave properly. While I teach the dogs the behaviours I want so that they know my expectations. It is important that we set them up for success by providing the best care and understanding high drive and working breed dogs need to be understood and catered to in order to succeed in a home environment.



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